Romania is a southeastern European country known for the forested region of Transylvania, ringed by the Carpathian Mountains. Its preserved medieval towns include Sighişoara, and there are many fortified churches and castles, notably clifftop Bran Castle, long associated with the Dracula legend. Bucharest, the country’s capital, is the site of the gigantic, Communist-era Palatul Parlamentului government building.


Interesting facts about Romania:


  • An underground glacier is hidden here; The Scărișoara Glacier can be found underneath the Bihor Mountains, and is the second largest underground glacier in Europe. With a volume of 75,000 cubic meters, the glacier has been in existence for more than 3,500 years.
  • Romania has 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.These include: the Churches of Moldavia; the Dacian Fortress of the Orastie Mountains; the Historic Centre of Sighisoara; the Monastery of Horezu; the Villages with Fortified Churches in Transylvania; the Wooden Churches of Maramures; the Danube Delta.
  • The Romanian Palace of Parliament in Bucharest is the largest, heaviest and most expensive civil administration building on the planet.
  • In 1884 the Romanian city of Timisoara became the first in Europe to have electric street lighting.


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Population:19,7 million
Currency:Romanian leu (RON)
Time Zone:UTC +2, UTC +3 (CEST)
Calling Code:+40

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