Hungary is a Central European country, located on the Danube river alluvial plain. It is a country rich in beautiful landscapes with water flowing between mountains. The western part of the country reaches the Alps, in the northeast there are the Carpathian Mountains. The famous Danube river that flows from Slovakia’s southern part to Hungary divides the country into eastern and western part. Hungary is not very rich in resoaurces, but beautiful nature and remarkable architecture make it a must-see place.
Hungary’s capital Budapest is a historic city, where most of the attractions are located on the riversides of Danube. The freedom monument and castle are located on the western side on top of a hill. Next to the freedom castle is the location of the Buda Palace and in a neighboring Sándor Palace works and lives the president of Hungary.

Besides Budapest, another historic sight is the city in Northern Hungary - Eger, which is established in the 11th century. Eger is the wine center of Hungary, the most famous Hungarian bloodred wine is made in Eger.



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Population:9,818 Million (2016)
Time Zone:UTC+1 (CET), UTC+2 (CEST)
Calling Code:+36

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