The republic of Finland is a country located in North Europe. More than 70 percent of the country is covered by woods, which are home to wild bears, wolves, foxes or elks. A great part of the country is also covered by water. There are 188 000 lakes in Finland and that is why Finland is sometimes called the Land of a Thousand Lakes. The most summer activities revolve around water, there are countless of possibilities - you can go swimming, fishing, canoeing or sailing. One of the most remarkable things to see in Finland are the Northern Lights, which appear on the sky from September to March. The Finns love sauna, which has become an important part of the country´s heritage and culture. It is the best way, how to relax, purify your mind and warm up yourself during long winter days. There are about two million saunas in Finland. Traditional Finnish food is usually simple and fresh. Most dishes contain potatoes in some form, and most of the ingredients are local and organic. Leipajuusto, also known as “squeaky cheese” is made from curdled milk, which is placed in a round dish and baked, flambeed or grilled. The cheese is usually sliced and eaten with coffee. For dinner, the Finnish families often have soup made with salmon, potatoes and leaks, which can be found at many restaurants.



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Population:5,503 Million (2017)
Time Zone:UTC+2 (EET). UTC+3 (EEST)
Calling Code:+358

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