Croatia is a Central European and Mediterranean country, bordering Slovenia in the west, Hungary in the north, Serbia in the east and Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro in the south; the country also has a long maritime border with Italy in the Adriatic Sea.

Croatia, a country with almost mythical status due to its beauty and wonders is a South Slavic land that hides itself on the beautiful Adriatic sea, rocky Balkan mountains and beautiful Pannonian plains.

Why visit Croatia?

  • Croatia has 1185 islands, of which 67 are inhabited and some of them are also famous tourist destinations
  • Almost 10% of Croatia is made up of 11 nature parks, 8 nationals parks and 2 natural reserves
  • Croatia has highest number of UNESCO Intangible Goods of any European county
  • to try great food and drinks and enjoy in

Interesting facts about Croatia

  • Croatia is home of the world´s smallest town called HUM
  • Croatian Slavoljub Penkala invented a mechanical pencil, called the Penkala in 1906, today we call it PEN
  • Croatia is home of the worlds biggest truffle
  • Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia
  • Alfred Hitchcock said that seaside town Zadar has the best sunset in the world
  • Cravat is from Croatia
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Population:4,1 million
Currency:Kuna HRK
Time Zone:UTC+01, UTC +2 (CEST)
Calling Code:+385

Tours in Croatia

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