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Sarajevo War Tunnel Museum

This museum preserves the hand-dug tunnel that kept Sarajevo afloat during the Serbian siege. During a large portion of the 1990s Sarajevo was under siege by Serbian forces who controlled…

Titos Bunker

One of the greatest Yugoslav secret! The secret has been preserved for more than 50 years. Only four commanders knew about the existence of a bunker, in addition to workers…

Pobiti Kamani

There are several hypotheses about the origin of “Stone forest”, a natural phenomenon that is better known with its Bulgarian name “Pobiti kamani” which could be translated as “stones beaten…

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Lisa The journey  we had was unexpected excited,  Especially  the food arranged by Bokiko were so yummy!
Martiin We were hiked in the forest bog with special shoes for 3 hours, and picked a lot of blue berry  with my family. My daughter was really enjoy it! That was our first time in our life to have that experience!
Sadao Okada I had unforgettable time with my boyfriend in Prague, from where we made our prewedding photo shooting with the very professional photographer.


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