Wondering where to go skiing? Austria is said being the world’s best snow-sure destination and offers many winter sport resorts with a huge variety of skiing options for all levels. Austria is located in the central Europe, it is a federation and each of its nine federal states has a unique and distinct culture. The capital city of Austria is Vienna, which is by far the largest city in Austria and is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Especially in Austrian Alps it is worth making trip up to the mountains, since you always will be rewarded with breath-taking views. Austria is a popular hiking region with a fascinating nature and a broad network of hiking trails even for families with children. There are countless of rivers, lakes, waterfalls, glaciers and mountains to see. In the mountains you will also find many restaurants and inns, where you can repay yourself with home-made local specialties.

Austrian food is distinctive and delicious. Wiener Schnitzel (a bread-crumbed and fried veal escalope) is something of a national dish, and Knödel are a kind of dumpling which can be made either sweet or savory according to taste. Apart from these, Austria is renowned for its desserts, the most well-known of which is probably the Apfelstrudel.



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Population:8,747 Million (2016)
Time Zone:UTC+1 (CET), UTC+2 (CEST)
Calling Code:+43

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